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Tesco Dance Beats

Charity event at Tesco’s in Newton Abbot

In aid of their dance beats campaign July 2019

Tesco stores across the country are aiming to inspire people to get moving by launching a new fundraising campaign called Dance Beats!! To help raise money for charity’s including cancer research, British heart foundation, and Diabetes UK.
Tesco has contacted me directly to ask if I would like to participate in this amazing cause and teach my Class for one hour at the Tesco store in Newton Abbot! I am so so excited 🤩 come and join me at 12:00pm on Saturday the 20th of July and let’s show people our sass on the dance floor 😉 to some favourite songs from my class! Doesn’t matter what age, shape, gender or ability you have, just come and have fun for this amazing cause and donate now! ❤️💃🕺🏽🎉🔥

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