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It’s HERE!

Following a few months of planning, we are delighted to finally announce the launch of our new website! It has been a busy lockdown (in between VIP online classes) for #teamdancedynamix and we have all been beavering away to make your class experience as good as possible. The purpose of creating a new website was to better tell the story of how we can make your physical and mental fitness workout fun, and to show you some great examples of the classes we do.

You may not know it but we have been helping our customers have fun and feel free during dance fitness classes more for just over a year now. It’s fair to say that as a business we have been operating in facebook stealth mode for quite some time, but now Guy and I are ready to stand up and shout about how great our classes are. We have been part of many events in the South West, bringing fun to Xmas Shoppers in Newton Abbot with a flash mob, and getting customers to dance in the isles of Tesco during their Dance Beats campaign.

I have to say my favourite part is feeling the music, choreographing routines that are fun and achievable for even the first timer to our classes as the branding part is quite hard work, it really is! Marketing, Web Designers, Videographers, Mentors and Printers all to name a few have all working hard to help us, and most have been clients at my classes! It is great to find people that not only believe in me, love to dance, but want to see us grow.

Take a look around our new website and tell us what you think. Check out our classes, blog, dance workout videos, step-by-step, merchandise and more!

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