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COVID-19 Rules for the return of Dance DynamiX

We are returning with strict rules and regulations based around the government guidelines for the return of our classes. We will have measures in place to ensure that everyone is kept safe to the best of our ability. We want to keep everyone feeling as safe as possible whilst they are dancing at Dance DynamiX and therefore we are emailing you so that you are aware before attending a class of what the new measures will look like and what your part in this will be. Before attending a class you would have booked in and will be required to fill out our COVID-19 risk assessment form. Please fill this out as accurately as possible for everyone’s safety and do not attend any class if you feel you have any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell).

There are strict limits on how many people are able to attend a class at each venue and to keep social distancing safe.

When coming to a class bring as little items with you as possible. You are allowed to bring drinks bottles however you can not fill them up whilst you are there.

We are now cashless and strictly online booking, this is to control the number of people in a class as well as being aware of who is coming.

There will be strictly no shouting or singing in classes – I know, this is going to be hard!

Upon arrival at classes, there will be posters displayed at the entrance of each building with all COVID-19 Secure Guidelines that you will have to strictly follow whilst in the building and attending the class.

There will be hand sanitiser supplied at all venues for arrival and exiting the buildings. There will be a queuing system of two meters outside of the building, with one person entering at a time.

Masks are to be worn whilst in the queue and not taken off until you have reached your designated dancing area. Unless you have a specific medical reason for not wearing a mask.

There will be one entrance and one exit for every building. This will be clearly marked for everyone’s ease and awareness. Once you have been checked-in by Guy you will need to go to the furthest designated area available.

We are filling the studios / halls from the back to the front to avoid any close contact with others therefore it is important that you adhere to this rule in the system. There will be floor markings in every hall to help with this.

Within the studios / halls we have limited spaces and designated exercise zones that you will need to stay within whilst in the class. These spaces are a minimum of two metres apart as adhering the Government guidelines.

You can go to the toilet when in the buildings however only one person at a time can enter the toilet.

When the class has ended you will have to exit immediately. With people at the front of the class leaving first. This also ensures we have enough time to thoroughly clean before the next class.

If you come to a class then fall ill with COVID-19 within the next 2 weeks, you are obligated to inform us so that we can tell the appropriate people and other members of the classes.

To ensure people get spaces in the classes we are doing back to back session of 45 minutes with a 30 minutes break for cleaning in between.

Thank you for all your support and kindness at this time. We are so excited to see you all in classes again. We know this message might sound weird and scary but it is all for our safety and we are positive once we all start dancing ourselves happy again that these few changes will not make a difference.

Best Wishes, Josh & Guy.